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Psychic Reading - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Mediumship

As a professional psychic consultant for over 15 years and a channel/author of several books and psychic development courses, I have had many lessons regarding the dynamics of psychic phenomena; many experiences from which to draw wisdom. People have asked me over time what might be the difference between the process of channeling, that of clairvoyance, and the art of mediumship. I often use all three modalities of communication when I do readings and/or compose written and audio material. A great deal of sophistication and refinement goes into doing any of these types of world service works well. I honor all those in this psychic profession that perfect the craft on an ongoing basis

Psychics Reading, or Channeling is a process of stepping back from personal consciousness and allowing energy sources of higher consciousness to come through with threads of thought communication. Thought is energy vibration and cloaked in etheric semblances of form. Information is not solid form, but it is close to form.
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Psychic Reading Divine Override

Have you ever had a psychic reading, and the answer to your question, had nothing to do with your question? You could have been talking about some situation at work and suddenly the psychic is talking about someone in your family. Or, you might have been asking about a situation with a friend, and suddenly your own personal health issues are brought up. Even more confusing and/or frustrating is that the messages you are receiving are all true, they're just not what you wanted to know.

Most of the time, when you connect with a psychic reading to talk about a topic, he or she has no problem going straight to the issue. Sometimes though, a psychic reading seems to have a life of its own, and you find yourself wondering if the connection you've made with your psychic is a good one. However confusing or even frustrating as it may seem, these are the times when your connection is the strongest, and they are also the times to listen with utmost care.
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Psychic Readings & Palmistry - Love in the Hands

The most common question clients have when they come for a psychicreading is "Tell me about my love life - will I have a happy love life?" Since I believe we create our own happiness I will not declare, "You will be happy" or say, "You will not be happy." However, as I look over their hands I can help a client understand his or her opportunities for happiness in their relationships. First I observe their whole hand, front - the palm, and back - the nail side of the hand, to note what is there to tell me more about their personality and how they present themselves to others, Then, I look to see what can make them happy in a relationship. Next, I study their hand with the purpose of seeing what is predicted as potential relationship activity for this life.

Never think that one element in your hand outline's the whole story. Always it is best if at least three indications appear to present the same concept before believing something could be true.
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