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Psychic Readers: Tips Awaken Ability

Psychic readersPsychic readers have many ways to tune their craft.   Here is a meditation tip:

1) Starting with a prayer whereby you state your intention for the meditation.

2) Surround yourself with a white light of protection, peace, compassion and healing.

3) Breathe in for four seconds and hold it for 2 seconds. Then release your breath for fours seconds. Keep doing this for about two minutes. While you are following this regimen start feeling your muscles relax and a pleasantness filling your inside.

4) On your next exhale release all negativity. For example, if I had a disagreement with someone, I focus on the letting go of the disagreement out of my system.

5) Keep following the above until your mind is blank and you are feeling peaceful and deeper in the meditative state.

6) Picture yourself at the top of a staircase descending very slowly. Pay attention to the detail around you. Your breathing will instantly slow down as well. Prepare yourself for spontaneous images. For example, when you are at the bottom of the stairs, perhaps there may be a door. Open the door you find you are on a beach! The sun is shining it is pleasantly warm and you can feel the warmness of the sand under your feet. You walk slowly out to the nearby rocks and you lay down on a blanket. Feel the warm sun on your face. These images will exercise and deepen your concentration abilities.

7) Next, focus on hearing the waves hit against the rocks, the sea gulls and overall atmosphere. Then you find yourself drifting slowly in a deeper trance because this is the best you have ever felt. Stay in this state quietly. Most people say nothing happens. However, that is when the Psychic readers messages will start coming to you either in a vision (clairvoyant), hearing (clairaudient) or smelling (clairsentient.)  Psychic readers are not limited to just these tips!