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Psychic Telephone Reading – Higher Power

Psychic Telephone ReadingPsychic Telephone  Readings are a gateway to getting answers to your questions.  The psychic uses his / her higher power and taps into the client’s as well.

One of the hardest tasks for us to do is be still and listen to the spirit within ourselves.  Life rushes past us at such a frantic pace that we feel guilty for taking a time out.  The sweet special spirit within you during the course of rushing down your path sometimes gets ignored.

In a psychic telephone reading  we connect with the spirit within, it is the act of actually plugging into our power source.  We connect with our spiritual guides and feel the love.  It is alright to reach out for help.  A basic need we as physical and spiritual creatures require is a point of contact with another soul.  That point of light from a family member, trusted friend, or psychic is a crucial step to be made to help the spirit within.

 The connection of your conscious self to the spirit within brings you to the place of power source. This is your Higher Power.  It is something much larger than you.  You are protected.  This Higher Power is to guide and protect you along your chosen path and surrender by turning matters over to it.

Whatever the question or problem, the cry of the spirit is the first step to reaching out for guidance.

Regardless of the old adage, words will never hurt me, words do cut and sometimes very deeply.  Ever wonder why words are symbolized by a sword?  Words forming within a caring and willing spirit, spoken (or written) have the power to connect with your spirit within.  These words have the power to wash the wounds inflicted, clean and clear out negative actions, and promote the healing.  Lets connect with each other and Ill illuminate the messages in store for you in your psychic telephone reading.